Mente Azul Lda
think. do. sea.
Mente Azul is a micro-company serving the needs of projects in the field of the new economy of the sea. Special focus is technology assessment and techno-economic viability studies in the field of marine renewable energy and innovative aquaculture approaches, as well as support in structure and equipment design, operations optimisation, funding and partner search, project set-up and representation towards stakeholders.
At present, Mente Azul is working on the establishment of the initiative in2sea in Sines/Portugal, a start-up company to help turning into reality new ideas related to the regional development of the economy of the sea.
Frank Neumann (Dipl.-Ing.)
17 years of experience primarily in ocean wave energy and  (seaweed) aquaculture, as well a   several adjacent activities.
+351 933692004